I have designed and taught numerous classes at the University of Birmingham, Sciences-Po, Paris IV Sorbonne, NYU and the European University Institute, focused on French colonial history, the global and colonial Middle East, modern France, World War Two, historical social theory and world history.

At Birmingham I currently:

  • Convene and teach in the MA in Contemporary History and notably its core modules 'Mass Society and Modernity' and 'Critical Histories of Globalisation since 1945', as well as convening the 'Dissertation Preparation' and 'Dissertation' modules and teaching on the 'Historical Methods' module. A video presentation of the MA is here.
  • I teach on the Distance Learning MA in History (as convener of the Contemporary pathway), working with students based all around the world.
  • Convene the undergraduate module 'Practising History A & B', delivering lectures to the whole first year group and teaching Intensive Study Topics nested within these modules, titled 'Paris: Anti-Imperial Metropolis?' and 'The Insecure City: Space, Gender & Mobility in Beirut'.
  • Teach in the second year undergraduate module 'History in Theory and Practice', surveying methods and theories of history, from Foucauldian approaches to the Annales School or Marxist theories.
  • Teach a second year Undergraduate group research module on 'Race, Nation, Economy: French Empire from 1789 to Decolonisation.'
  • Supervise Undergraduate dissertations on topics ranging from the Iranian diaspora in the UK, to the politics of Tibet at the UN, to the South Asian press under colonial empire. Relatedly, I also supervise students taking the second year undergraduate 'Research Methods' module through which they identify and prepare for their dissertation.
  • I contribute occasional teaching to the MA in Global History and lectures to other undergraduate modules, such as the first year survey module 'Making of the Contemporary World' - I will convene the latter in Spring 2019.
  • I also supervise several PhD and MA students' dissertations. See below.


» Recent Doctoral Seminar 'History and the Social Sciences'


Doctoral Seminars


History and the Social Sciences
(European University Institute, History Department, Fall 13)

Masters Seminars


Mass Society and Modernity
(University of Birmingham, MA Contemporary History, Autumn 2014/2015/2016/2017)


Globalisation since 1945
(University of Birmingham, MA Contemporary History, Spring 2015/2016/2017/2018)

Introductory Undergraduate Teaching

Course designer/leader in all cases


Practising History A & B
Intensive Study Topics: 'Paris: Anti-Imperial Metropolis?' & 'The Insecure City: Space, Gender & Mobility in Beirut'.

(University of Birmingham, Autumn 2017-Spring 2018)

History in Theory & Practice
(University of Birmingham, Autumn 2017-Spring 2018)

Group Research: French Empire from 1789 to Decolonisation
(University of Birmingham, Autumn 2017)


Research Methods (Dissertation Preparation)
(University of Birmingham, Spring 2018)


Introduction to World Politics
(Institut d’Études Politiques, Reims, Fall 11) 

Global ‘Social Foundations 1’: Pre-History to 500 CE 
(NYU-Paris, Fall 09-11) 

Global ‘Social Foundations 2: 500-1700 CE 
(NYU-Paris, Spring 10-12)

Paris: an Urban History 
(American University of Paris, Summer 09)

Europe since 1945
(NYU-New York, Summer 07)

Making the West: Pre-History to 1500 
(American University of Paris, Fall 07)

Making the West: 1500-2000
(American University of Paris, Spring 08)

Advanced Undergraduate/Senior Seminars

Course designer/leader in all cases

France under Hitler: from Popular Front to Liberation, 1934-44 
(NYU-Paris, Fall 09-11, Spring 10) 

International Development: theory, knowledge and politics since 1945
(Institut d’Études Politiques, Paris, Fall 09-11) 

Empire, Nation and Economy: French Colonialism 1789-1962
(Institut d’Études Politiques, Paris, Spring 10-12) 

The Politics of the Past in France: 1789-2000

(American University of Paris, Spring 07)

Empire and Political Imagination: a comparative history

(American University of Paris, Fall 07)

Supervision of Doctoral Students

Co-Supervisor: Mustafa Coban, 'Turkish Foreign Policy on its Borders: the Balkan and Saadabad PActs and their Domestic Determinants, 1934-41.' PhD, University of Birmingham, expected 2022.

Co-Supervisor: Eliana Hadjisavvas, 'Jewish Displaced Persons and the Case of the Cypriot Internment Camps: The Role of the United States 1945-1950.' PhD, University Of Birmingham, completed 2018.

Khalid Krairi, 'John Philby and his political roles in the Arabian Peninsula'. PhD, University Of Birmingham, completed 2017.

Co-Supervisor: Gemma Jennings, 'Hydrocarbon Politics between Algeria and France from colony to independence'. PhD, University of Birmingham, expected 2022.

Co-Supervisor: Andrew Searle, 'Is Anybody Listening? Advocacy by Human Rights Activists in Palestine, 1967-2006, and the politics of Human Rights in the UK'PhD, University of Birmingham, expected 2023.


Course designer/leader in all cases

Themes in Colonialism and Decolonization

(Sorbonne – University of Paris IV, Spring 08)